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UN and DRC forces prepare for war
The clock is ticking down on the launch of a military operation in eastern DRC against a Rwandan-Hutu militia that has refused to surrender and disarm. United Nations troops with MONUSCO in... MORE >
South Sudan’s Experience at Peace Making
I was in Juba two weeks ago participating in the Rift Valley Institute’s annual series of lectures at Juba University, whose theme this year was historic... MORE >
Work for the RVI: Opportunities in London and Nairobi - application deadline December 2014
On 30 November the Rift Valley Institute announced a search for three new senior staff members, to be based in the London and Nairobi offices of the Institute. The RVI London office also... MORE >
RVI field courses 2015
The Rift Valley Institute’s annual field courses will be held in East Africa in June and July 2015. Course applications are now open. Please apply online here. Locations of courses will be... MORE >
Somaliland: Terrorism Exacerbates the Crippling of a Rotten Aid System in Hungry Somalia
Aid workers in Somalia, which faces worsening hunger three years after famine struck the country, believe the humanitarian system is "rotten" and are hamstrung by fears of being prosecuted... MORE >
Has Kenya Destroyed the ICC?
When the supporters of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto began systematically attacking the International Criminal Court (ICC) as a neo-colonialist institution biased against Africans in the... MORE >
Jama Musse Jama of the Redsea Cultural Foundation wins prize in Italy
Jama Musse Jama, the director of the Redsea Cultural Foundation is one of the winners of this year's Cultura della Solidarietà prize, awarded in a ceremony on 27 September 2014 in... MORE >
Nimo-Ilhan Ali and Rashid Abdi discuss 'tahriib'
Nimo-llhan Ali and Rashid Abdi discuss migration, the meaning of tahriib, and the challenges faced by returning youth in Somaliland and diaspora. The discussion took place on the... MORE >
Michael Woldemariam and Terrence Lyons discuss the future of Eritrea
Michael Woldemariam and Terrence Lyons discuss the history and future of Eritrea on the 2014 Horn of Africa Course. MORE >
The fate of Ngungdeng’s dang
Ngundeng Bong, the most famous of the Nuer prophets, lived between c.1830 and 1906. His father, Bong Can, was a kuar muon ('earth-master' or 'leopard-skin chief'), originally from... MORE >
Challenges for national dialogue in Sudan
In National Dialogue in Sudan, a paper for the Sudan Democracy First Group, RVI Fellow Atta el-Battahani examines the successes and failures of  national dialogue in Sudan and... MORE >
Today, the Redsea Cultural Foundation supported by the Rift Valley Institute, with the assistance of the European Union, launched the "Hargeysa Cultural... MORE >