Letters from the Field

Letter from Isoke No 4: The food problem at Isoke school
So term ended early again, and once again because of food. This time I don’t think it’s incompetence, though it is true that neither the Head, nor the Deputy Head nor the Director of... MORE >
Letter from Isoke No 3: The feast of Christ the King
The Parish Compound consists of our four-bedroomed guest-house surrounded by the huts of others living in the Compound: three orphans, three staff and occasional guests. This Saturday we... MORE >
Letter from Isoke No 2: Who will be the next Superior?
The Superior Priest has left to pursue an MA at Kampala in Public Administration. He didn’t try too hard to administer things at Isoke. His casualness was one thing I liked about him, but... MORE >
Letter from Isoke No 1:  How do you study when there’s nothing to eat?
A new term starts at St Augustine’s School in Isoke. So far the teaching staff comprises only the Head Teacher and myself. Pupils trickle in—about 25 have registered by the end of the first... MORE >