Remittance transfers to Somalia
On 11 September the RVI Nairobi Forum hosted a discussion about UK and US banks' discontinuation of their services to Somali remittance companies. The occasion was the launch of a... MORE >
Miraya FM South Sudan Archive feature
On 15 June 2013, Miraya FM in Juba broadcast a feature on the process of digitizing documents for the South Sudan National Archives. The project is a collaboration between the Ministry of... MORE >
My Mother Will Not Come to Juba Report Launch
In South Sudan, delays in the formulation of a new national constitution have led to growing public concern. My Mother Will Not Come to Juba: South Sudanese Debate the Constitution is the... MORE >
Pastoralism and Development in Africa
On 29 April 2013, the Hon. Mohamed Elmi (MP, Tarbaj) presented a paper at the Nairobi Forum on Lessons from the Ministry of Northern Kenya, reflecting on the work of his former ministry in... MORE >
Continuities and Change - Part 1
The Nairobi Forum and the British Institute in Eastern Africa co-hosted the launch of a special Somalia edition of the Journal of Eastern African Studieson 19 April. The meeting, entitled ‘... MORE >
Somalia's Jubaland
On 22 February 2013, the Rift Valley Institute's Nairobi Forum hosted an event entitled ‘Somalia's Jubaland: Past, present and potential futures’. Jubaland has been one of the... MORE >
Hasty Repatriation of Somali refugees
On 15 February 2013, the Nairobi Forum hosted the launch of a report by the Mogadishu-based think tank, Heritage Institute for Policy Studies (HIPS), entitled 'Hasty Repatriation:... MORE >
Somali President in RVI interview
H. E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, President of Somalia’s Federal Government, has stressed that restoration of security is his key priority. Speaking to RVI Fellow Sally Healy during an official... MORE >
Art, literature, and reconstruction in the Horn of Africa
The Somali Kenyan MP Yusuf Hassan was a conspicuous absence at a discussion on the role of art and literature in social reconstruction in the Horn of Africa, which took place on 10 December... MORE >
M23 and the challenges to peace in the DRC
On 17 December 2012, Jason Stearns, director of the RVI Usalama Project, discussed the capture of Goma by the M23 rebel group and the escalation of violence in the eastern Democratic... MORE >
More than two hundred people attended 'A Somali Spring?', the first event of the RVI's Nairobi Forum on 11 October 2012. This is a 44-minute podcast featuring the highlights... MORE >
On 4 December 2012, the RVI's Nairobi Forum presented the assessments of five members of the International Election Observer team who monitored district elections in the Republic of... MORE >