RVI Usalama Project: the Kinshasa conference
This was a joint meeting organised by the Rift Valley Institute (RVI), the Réseau pour la réforme du secteur de sécurité et de la justice (RRSSJ), the Centre pour la Gouvernance (... MORE >
Usalama Workshop in the DRC
The Usalama Project (meaning 'peace' or 'safety' in Swahili) by the Rift Valley Institute was created in response to the ongoing violence in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (... MORE >
Wall Street Journal
KAMPALA, Uganda—Congo's United Nations-backed troops have halted an offensive against the rebel group known as M23, in a step toward a peace deal that aims to end fighting and revive... MORE >
The Christian Science Monitor
President Joseph Kabila expressed the view of many Congolese when he said during his speech to the country [Oct. 24], that the Kampala talks have dragged on for too long. This despite the... MORE >
The national army and armed  groups in the eastern Congo
The final report of the Usalama Project presents the conclusions of 18-month field research on the national army and armed groups in the eastern DRC in three parts: an analysis of armed... MORE >
Ce rapport Usalama par Koen Vlassenroot décrit la dynamique historique à l’origine des mouvements armés au Sud-Kivu, en mettant plus précisément l’accent sur la période située avant la... MORE >
South Kivu
This Usalama report by Koen Vlassenroot outlines the historical dynamics behind the armed movements in South Kivu, focusing on the period before and leading up to the First Congo War. The... MORE >
Maï-Maï Yakutumba
Ce rapport du Projet Usalama examine les Maï-Maï de William Amuri Yakutumba, un groupe qui, initialement, ont été démobilisé après la Deuxième Guerre du Congo (1998-2003). Cependant, après... MORE >
Mai-Mai Yakutumba
This Usalama Project report examines the Mai-Mai of William Amuri Yakutumba, a group which initially demobilized after the Second Congo War (1998–2003). However, after struggling to find... MORE >
An analysis of the situation in Eastern DRC from Reuters: The deployment of a U.N. force of African troops in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo threatens to draw Rwanda into a damaging... MORE >