An introduction to Somalia
On 18-19 February 2013, RVI and the Somalia NGO Consortium will co-host a two-day 'Introduction to Somalia' course at the Lukenya Getaway in Kenya. RVI will manage the first day... MORE >
On 6 December 2012, the RVI's Nairobi Forum hosted a seminar on ‘Rethinking state-building in Somalia: Negotiated statehood and hybrid governance’. The first discussion was led by Dr... MORE >
Financial Times
There could hardly be a more poignant or devastating reminder of divisive instability that has spread throughout the Horn of Africa. On Monday, I moderated a discussion panel on how arts... MORE >
Art, literature, and reconstruction in the Horn of Africa
The Somali Kenyan MP Yusuf Hassan was a conspicuous absence at a discussion on the role of art and literature in social reconstruction in the Horn of Africa, which took place on 10 December... MORE >
Rethinking state-building in Somalia
Mark Bradbury, the RVI Horn of Africa and East Africa Regional Director, began the meeting by introducing Marleen Renders, the author of Consider Somaliland: State-Building with Traditional... MORE >
Somaliland election observers at the RVI Nairobi Forum
On 4 December 2012, the RVI's Nairobi Forum presented the assessments of five members of the International Election Observer team who monitored district elections in the Republic of... MORE >
Aid for displaced Somalis stolen
‘Gatekeepers’ are siphoning off food aid intended for internally displaced people living in squalid camps in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, Refugees International said in a report on... MORE >
A Somali Spring?
More than 200 people attended the first event of the Rift Valley Institute's Nairobi Forum on 11 October 2012. 'A Somali Spring? prospects for a post-transition Somalia' featured four... MORE >
A Somali Spring?
On 11 October in Nairobi, Professor Ken Menkhaus of Davidson College, North Carolina debated current developments in Somalia with panelists Amal Ismail, publisher and founder of Bridge... MORE >
EVENT | Nairobi Forum: A Somali Spring?
The election of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as President of Somalia on 10 September was a major event in the region, bringing to an end a deeply flawed, eight-year political transition. The... MORE >