Sudan and South Sudan Course 2019
Sudan and South Sudan Course 2019

After several years of war, a new peace agreement was signed in Addis Ababa in September 2018, brokered by Sudan and Uganda. Implementation of the peace agreement has been ongoing in part, albeit delayed, with the government citing lack of funding. However, major political problems—including questions over devolution of power and wealth-sharing—remain largely unresolved. Serious conflict continues in parts of the country, efforts towards cantonment are increasing numbers of soldiers and an ongoing economic crisis is badly affecting the population. The positive effects of peace remain to be seen.

In Sudan, the already lagging economy suffered a major crisis in Janaury 2018, manifested in a significant rise in the cost of living and near-to hyper-inflation. This has dragged on for over a year and stimulated major protests across the country, including in Khartoum. The government’s response to the protests has imperilled its partially successful rapprochement with Western countries, including the U.S., which removed some of its sanctions in October 2017, while the EU had also tentatively begun to engage with the government as part of its counter-migration strategy. 

The Sudan and South Sudan course covers all areas of Sudan, South Sudan, and the borderlands between them. It analyses the causes of current conflicts in the Sudans and the prospects for resolution. The 2019 Course will be directed by Alden Young and Naomi Pendle.


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