Edward Thomas

Edward Thomas is the author of Islam’s Perfect Stranger: A Biography of the Sudanese Religious Reformer, Mahmud Muhammad Taha, Muslim Reformer of Sudan (London: I.B. Tauris, 2010). He worked in Sudan and Egypt for seven years as a teacher and researcher, and as a human rights officer for UNMIS, the UN Mission in Sudan. He was Director of the Rift Valley Institute's Sudan Course 2009-2010.

Decisions and Deadlines

A policy paper on Sudan's political future analysing the critical events facing the country in the run up to the April 2010...MORE >

 جيب كفيا قنجيالبشر والسياسة والتاريخ في محور الحدود الشمالية – الجنوبية لغرب السودان

‎تُعتبر كفيا قنجي الواقع على الطرف الغربي الأقصى للسودان نقطة إلتقاء رئيسية بين دارفور وجنوب البلاد؛ وتخضع هذه المنطقة الغنية بالمعادن...MORE >

The Kafia Kingi Enclave

When South Sudan became a separate state in 2011, its northern boundary with the Republic of Sudan became an international border, the...MORE >