Aly Verjee

Aly Verjee lived in Sudan from 2005 to 2010 and was chief political analyst for the European Union referendum observation mission to Sudan in 2011. He is author of Race Against Time (2010), a Rift Valley Institute study on the referendum in South Sudan, and Disputed Votes, Deficient Observation: The 2011 election in South Kordofan, Sudan (2011). He is a contributor to numerous newspapers and books.

After the Khartoum Agreement

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Dhaqaalaha ku baxa Doorashooyinka Soomaalilaand

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The Economics of Elections in Somaliland

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Disputed Votes, Deficient Observation

The war in South Kordofan, Sudan, that began in May 2011 followed a disputed election for the governorship of the state, an election...MORE >

Race Against Time

Published on the eve of voter registration for the referendum in South Sudan, Race Against Time analyses the unresolved procedural...MORE >

سباق مع الزمن:   العد التنازلي نحو الاستفتائين في جنوب السودان ومنطقة أبيي

إن تقرير سباق مع الزمن الذي ينشر أثناء فترة تسجيل الناخبين لإستفتاء جنوب السودان يحلّل المشاكل الاجرائيّة المستعصية والصعوبات الفنيّة...MORE >